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In Australia, CIG Gas Cylinders manufactured scuba tanks from 6351 alloy from 1975 through 1990, and then switched to 6061 alloy. Luxfer acquired CIG Gas Cylinders in 1997, by which time Luxfer was manufacturing all scuba tanks with its own proprietary version of 6061 alloy. Another 6351 Tank Explodes This time close to home. Most dive centers in New England will no longer fill these tanks. Check your tank and if it is suspect, drain it now. For safety reasons, we are committed to getting these tanks off the market. Thousands of tanks nationwide have already been taken out.

Scuba Shack will stop servicing scuba tanks made with the 6351 aluminum alloy at the end of 2018. Tanks have a high rate of failure when inspected for cracks within the neck of the cylinder. Bring your tank to Scuba Shack to find out if it is included in this service advisory. 12/05/2008 · Warnings have been issuedaround dive clubs and dive centres to divers regarding Luxfer 6351 scuba tanks. Most dive centres in New England will nolonger fill these tanks. Check your tank and if it is suspect, drain itnow. For safety reasons, divers are committed to getting these tanks offthe market. Thousands of tanks nationwide have. 02/11/2017 · Annual visual inspection by a formally trained inspector is essential to confirm that a cylinder is safe to use. In recent months, two 6351-T6 alloy scuba cylinders ruptured, and evidence suggests the cause was sustained load cracking, a metallurgical anomaly. While those present in one incident. Inspectors trained by PSI-PCI, Inc. did find a number of cracked cylinders as well as some cylinders leaking from outer-crown cracks, before the first SCUBA cylinder ruptured in Australia in 1988. Subsequently, DOT, Luxfer USA and PSI-PCI, Inc. stepped up efforts to educate both owners and inspectors of 6351 alloy cylinders about the importance of thorough technical inspections. In the United States throughout 2003, Luxfer Gas Cylinders conducted a trade-in program for older Luxfer scuba cylinders made from 6351 aluminum alloy from 1972 through June 1988. That trade-in program ended on December 31, 2003. In prior years, Luxfer conducted various other kinds of rebate and replacement programs.

We will provide this check FREE OF CHARGE for any cylinder in current visual inspection. This has become a STANDARD part of the FDU visual cylinder inspection process. Here is ‘The List’ of scuba tanks that DOT says are most likely made from the 6351-T6 aluminium alloy. 25/08/2011 · I'm embarrassed to admit I've forgotten how to identify a 6351 alloy tank. I want to say it's an "AL" DOT designation. Found a tank at the pawn shop. Even if I can't knock them down it's not a bad deal, although it needs visual and hydro. It's a DOT - 3 AA 2250. Edit: I re-read your original post. NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR REQUALIFICATION OF ALUMINUM CYLINDERS A new ruling has been adopted into the 49CFR part 180 with regards to the requalification procedures for DOT3AL specification cylinders manufactured from aluminum alloy 6351-T6 and used in SCUBA, SCBA and Oxygen service. The full text of this new ruling can be viewed by clicking here. 13/11/2010 · There have been a number of posts about the 6351 alloy so I thought I would post a list I found online: courtesy of List of Scuba Tanks Made From 6351-T6 Alloy Here is "The List" of scuba tanks that the DOT says are most likely made from the 6351-T6 aluminum alloy: All DOT-3AL tanks manufactured under one of the following exemptions.

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